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Famous Psychologists and Their Contributions

Famous Psychologists and Their Contributions

Human psychology as an academic discipline is relatively a new field and has a brief history. Even then many scholars have left a mark and their influence is indisputable. This page is a tribute to those prominent and distinguished psychologists.

This is the last part of a three part series of the famous thinkers and researchers in the history of human psychology. It is presented in random order.

L. L. Thurstone.

Among the first to suggest and show an individuals intelligence in many ways.

Alfred Kinsey.

Kinsey’s focused in the field of human sexuality, its influence in social and cultural values across the globe.

Fritz Perls.

Founded Gestalt therapy and did extensive research on dreams.

Abraham Maslow.

Developed Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs which led to the emergence of humanistic psychology.

Noam Chomsky.

Founded the theory of generative grammar, which was a noteworthy part to the field of theoretical linguistics.

Rollo May.

He was an existential psychologist and has been regarded as "the father of existential psychotherapy."

Leon Festinger.

The social comparison theory and the theory of cognitive dissonance won Festinger many accolades.

William McDougall.

McDougall’s research studies focused on many aspects and came up with an inference that human behavior is determined by both instinctive and intentional strivings.

Gordon Allport.

Allport was renowned as he was probably the first to explain and coin the terms personality psychology and opportunistic functioning.

Alfred Adler.

Deviating away from Freud’s theories, Adler developed his perspective known as individual psychology. He was a prominent thinker who influenced many other researchers.

Albert Ellis.

An American who developed Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT).

Karen Horney.

A neo-Freudian who was famous for her theories of neurosis. She held a different perspective who saw it as ‘much more continuous with normal life’ than previous researchers. Countering Freud’s ‘penis envy’ theory, she came up with her ‘womb envy’ theory.

Milton Erickson

Deemed as the father of modern hypnotherapy.

Hans Eysenck.
A behaviorist who focused his research studies on human temperament.

Harry F. Harlow.

Provided an innovative understanding on affection and development through studies of social behavior of monkeys. His research contributions have major relevance for general and child psychology.

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