Month: February 2019

Eating Disorders

Understanding Treatments For Eating Disorders

Anorexia, bulimia, night eating, all these are disorders that did not exist before, but more and more cases are being recorded today. Anorexia and bulimia seem to be the most common, affecting a significant percentage of the younger population. As scientists, researchers and doctors try to develop new treatments for eating disorders, its critical to understand one major factor that seems to be common across the board from all those who are suffering these disorders; they seem to be psychologically rooted, and even as we try to come up with new ways to treat them, unless we can get to the root cause, we are possibly doing just cosmetic jobs.

Let’s start by looking at anorexia. It’s rare to find an adult person who suffers from it; it’s much more common in growing children and teenagers. Why? There must be something going on in their life that makes them what to starve themselves almost to death. Why are they afraid of food? Most of them will say when talking to behavioral therapists, that they were trying to be like a certain kind of person, some icon, and before they knew it, they could not stop; they would starve themselves more and more. Others will talk about conditions at home or in school. The root cause always seems to lie in something that the person is experiencing psychologically, and treatments for eating disorders that do not take this into account will probably be just mitigations rather than cures.

Looking at bulimia, it’s common in growing children, teenagers, and young adults. They will treatments for eating disordersusually say that they have a fear of growing fat and know that if anything goes into their stomach, they have to vomit it before it gets digested. The normal human body has nutritional needs that are hard to ignore – actually, they are so strong that a few days without food could leave you completely off-balance. How then, are bulimics able to get through life? Because most of them will choose to vomit just enough and then retain the minimum that their bodies need.

Many night eaters are grown-ups, and on talking to them, they will admit that something happens in their lives, something traumatic that led them to start to eat at night. In fact, most of them will not even be aware of the fact until they find glaring evidence, or someone else in the house tells them.

If these were actual illnesses, treatments for eating disorders would simply involve taking a pill, and then they would be easy to overcome. But many people fight for years, and its usually delving into the mind, unraveling feelings, that works.