Month: March 2019

How Little Steps Can Help

About Little Steps Psychology Northern Beaches

Little Steps Psychology Works is a psychology clinic located on the northern beaches in Sydney. Providing quality continuing education programs to licensed mental health professionals and allied health professionals in the area of health psychology and the use of psychological methods in the treatment of individuals with chronic or disabling medical disorders. contact


Rationale. Experts in the field of health psychology agree that the psychological issues and needs of patients with medical complaints differ from those of patients whose complaints are primarily psychiatric in nature; yet, fewer than one quarter of all mental health practitioners have any training to enable them to recognize and treat problems associated with medical disorders, and only 11% of those surveyed by Little Steps Psychology described themselves as specializing in work with patients whose primary complaint is medical in nature. Even if there were enough specialists in a particular community to serve the needs of every patient, current trends in managed care do not facilitate access to highly trained specialists in health psychology or medical social work. Instead of increasing the number of specialists in health psychology and behavioral medicine, the practical answer to this problem is to improve the skills and understanding of large numbers of general practitioners of psychotherapy, making them familiar with issues in specific medical populations, as well as helping them to become better able to handle somatic complaints in psychotherapy and help clients cope, in general, with medical problems. Meeting the needs of this patient population can also be served by educating nurses and other allied health professionals to recognize and manage emotional and behavioral problems of medical patients in their care.

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Purpose. Little Steps Psychology’ primary mission is to meet the emotional and psychological needs of patients with medical complaints by providing instruction for mental health providers who are not trained or experienced in the treatment of individuals who suffer from medical disorders and by educating ancillary medical staff to recognize and address underlying psychological and emotional issues in their patients. The focus of this instruction falls into three general categories: (1) Training general mental health practitioners in the basics of how to handle medically related complaints and problems that arise in the context of individual, group or family psychotherapy; (2) providing mental health practitioners with a basic understanding of the unique issues pertinent in treating individuals whose primary complaint is medical in nature, such as chronic pain, somatization, psychophysiologic disorders, cancer, HIV disease or degenerative neurological disorders; (3) educating nurses and other allied health professionals regarding the common psychological processes associated with illness and disability, and teaching them how to manage common emotional and behavioral problems encountered in their medical practices. Psychology Works accomplishes these objectives in part by affiliating with other organizations serving medical populations currently underserved by CE programs now available.


At times almost every business comes across the nightmare employee. This employee causes confusion, resentment, and discontent within the organization, but for any number of reasons, termination does not seem to be an option. Sometimes this is because of union or employee classification issues, sometimes it’s because of specialized knowledge. Sometimes it’s because the problem person is a senior staff member or partner in the business. Whatever the circumstance, outside consultation may help determine a plan for intervention to help resolve an unpleasant work situation.


Many employees experience temporary states brought on by extreme stress, relationship problems outside of the work setting, substance abuse, and other life circumstances, which impact performance. Many times short term counseling interventions can assist these valuable employees in resolving the issues which are causing lowered performance. These cases can be addressed on a case by case basis. These Employee Assistance services have been shown time and time again to be very cost effective.


Proper training and development of personnel is of paramount importance. A proper training needs assessment and training program development can help your business immensely. These services can help you identify how many employees you need for a given workload, what kind of skills and abilities they need, and the best way to quickly bring new employees to a high-performance state.


There are many methods available to help you in the employee selection process, and the development and advancement of current employees. A partial list of measurable traits in job applicants are skill levels, applicant problem-solving skills, social skills, ability to quickly learn new information, and “team player” abilities.


Special training sessions can be arranged for your workforce on such areas as stress reduction strategies, sexual harassment prevention training, substance abuse prevention training, cultural sensitivity training, and office communication skills.